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Third HTEC in Denmark opens in Roskilde at Roskilde Tekniske Skole


Denmark is one of Europe's most prosperous countries. Recently the manufacturing industry in the country reached peak production and climbed above the level of before the economic crisis. Denmark is particularly strong in the design and production of wind turbines. Companies such as Vestas and Siemens Wind Power are good for 38% of the worldwide production of wind turbines. With manufacturing going strong, there is a bump in the demand for technically-skilled personel. 

The Roskilde Technical School (Roskilde Tekniske Skole) has an average attendance of about 3000 students per day and educates mostly teenagers and adolescents, but is open to people of all working ages. Each year about 50 students with strong CNC metalworking skills leave the school for manufacturing jobs in Sjælland's industry or for further technical education. The school has three Haas machines and a well-skilled and ambitious group of teachers that has led students in the past to Denmark Skills and World Skills.

On Thursday 22.06 The school started its collaboration with Haas Automation and its local distributor Edstrøms Værktøjsmaskiner. It became the 3rd HTEC in Denmark and the 118th in Europe.

The school also has a connection with Haas F1 racing. Danish Haas F1 pilot Kevin Magnussen lives in Roskilde and used to go to school at RTS. He had a special message to students and staff.