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Prepare your CNC machine for the summer holiday


Before starting your vacation it might be good to prepare your machine for the long summer months of inactivity. The following steps should help you along the way.

  • After using your machine for the last time you want to take all the tooling out of your machine, this goes for both cutting and clamping tools.
  • If you use coolant, you should remove the coolant from the machine. This way the coolant doesn’t go bad. Coolant in a closed-off space can start smelling very bad and bacteria will form in it. Coolant that you will not use again should be disposed according to local regulations, please check this with your coolant distributor. Coolant can be highly toxic and should in no instance be poured into the drain.  
  • Clean the machine of chips and dirt. After cleaning you can grease the machine. At Haas Automation we use WD 40 to grease all non-painted metal parts in our machines. This should stop corrosion.
  • Finally, turn off the main switch of the machine and turn off the air pressure supply.

When you get back to school and want to restart your Haas machine it is an excellent plan to:

  • Refill your machine with coolant and verify the quality.
  • Warm up the spindle by using the 20-minute warm-up program (002020).

If you go through these steps you should find your machine runs as smoothly after the summer as it did before.