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How to become a Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC)?

Every school, college, university or other education establishment can join the HTEC network, when basic conditions are met:

  • A team of dynamic, creative, committed teachers, motivated to professionally develop constantly and use the latest CNC technologies on an ongoing basis;
  • A highly supportive school management with a long-term vision and specific goals for the role and improvement of the CNC department;
  • A minimum of one (1) Haas CNC lathe and one (1) Haas CNC milling machine tool, used exclusively for training and education;
  • A technical education institution that is publicly open to students from the local region and manufacturing community;
  • Creation of a high-tech, bright, orderly, clutter-free training environment according to the Haas model;
  • Actions to establish close connections with the HTEC Industry Partners and the local industry community, to make sure the curriculum’s content is relevant to what manufacturing companies need.

The HTEC Certification Process

  1. Download the HTEC Manual HERE

  2. Fill out the HTEC Certification & Quality Checklist at the back of the HTEC Manual and send it to

  3. Send as much as possible pictures of your current CNC school department to

  4. After review your local Haas distributor (HFO) will contact you with advice on the next steps to take, to join the HTEC network.


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