The European HTEC Network

The Partnership Concept
for Inspiring CNC Education


Four Keys to SUCCESS in CNC Manufacturing Technology Education

Step 4: The right partner for local and international collaboration with schools and industry

One of the most important predictors of a nation’s economic competitiveness is the skills and education of the manufacturing workforce. We need to equip our workers with the training they need in the 21st century.

According to us one of the most effective strategies to improve the skills and motivation of students and workers is the reinforcement of the link between classrooms of today and the manufacturing workplaces of tomorrow. The HTEC program aims to bring local industry and local schools together to connect, work together and share knowledge.

Additionally, the HTEC network is the ideal platform for connecting schools, CNC teachers and students at an international level. Any school that commits to the HTEC program can benefit from international exchanges, giving HTEC students wonderful opportunities to travel and learn.

The students will not only be exposed to innovative technologies, but they will also practice their skills in problem solving and working in teams, as well as learning how to adapt to different work cultures. Companies who eventually hire these young specialists will benefit tremendously from their experience and international outlook. 

To see how you can enjoy this benefit:


Step 1: The right CNC machines
Step 2: The right CNC supplementary equipment and teaching materials
Step 3: The right learning environment