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Four Keys to SUCCESS in CNC Manufacturing Technology Education

Step 2: The right CNC machines

Young people expect the same high quality equipment in classrooms as they have in their homes and daily lives. Yet the machinery in technical colleges is often 30-40 years out of date. It is impossible to teach modern manufacturing techniques using such obsolete equipment.

Students should have access to the latest technology. Haas Automation Europe and its dealer network (Haas Factory Outlets - HFO) are committed to providing schools with the latest CNC machine tools.

The Haas products recommended for school use are industrial production machines that are among the best value in the market; simple and robust, and supported by the Haas ‘single-source’ service organisation.

The entire Haas machine tool range uses the same, standardised, easy-to-use, easy-to-teach Haas CNC control-interface, allowing students (and teachers) to become rapidly proficient and confident in operating the equipment.

However, most European schools have insufficient financial resources to purchase new machines, which is why Haas Automation Europe offers high  discounts on its latest CNC machines.

Typical HTEC machines:


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Step 1: The right learning environment

Step 3: The right CNC supplementary equipment and teaching materials
Step 4: The right partner for local and international collaboration with schools and industry