The European HTEC Network

The Partnership Concept
for Inspiring CNC Education


Four Keys to SUCCESS in CNC Manufacturing Technology Education

Step 1: The right learning environment

If asked why engineering and manufacturing is ignored when they choose study options, many students state that it is because it looks like dirty, dull, and dead-end work; a world of low pay, low-skill, and low-status.

All too often, technical schools are dark, dirty, old fashioned and depressing places with totally obsolete training equipment. This is not the type of environment in which young people want to invest 5-6 critical years of their lives.

Haas Automation Europe, in collaboration with its local distributors (Haas Factory Outlets - HFOs), intends to change the perception of students, attract a new generation to manufacturing industry and secure an adequate supply of highly trained CNC technologists for today’s hi-tech companies.

Haas Automation’s HTEC programme brings together the best in modern manufacturing technology, teaching methods and expert resources. The result transforms school training departments into centres-of-excellence for CNC manufacturing technology education.

The HTEC programme will help transform technical training facilities into clean, bright, modern learning zones that are exciting to work in – a place in which students and teachers can be proud to work.

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Step 2: The right CNC machines

Step 3: The right CNC supplementary equipment and teaching materials
Step 4: The right partner for local and international collaboration with schools and industry