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First Dutch HTEC Opened at Leidse Instrumentmakers School


The HTEC program finally found its way to The Netherlands yesterday. The Leidse instrumentmakers School becomes the 105 HTEC in Europe and the first in The Netherlands.


The Leidse instrumentmakers School or LiS is a long-time Haas customer and one of the most prestigious technical high-schools in the The Netherlands. The school was founded in 1901 by later Nobel Physics Prize winner Kamerlingh Onnes. He recognized the importance of precision tool makers for scientific research and founded the school. With an intake of 100 students each year, this four-year school prepares its students optimally for leading roles in the manufacturing of precision equipment. Each year the school reaches its maximum intake of students and each year the demand for graduates from the school far outstrips the supply of LiS graduates.

The school has students from all over the country and its students design and make parts for partners such as the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), TU Delft’s prize-winning Nuon Solar Team, and many others.

Eppo Bruins, member of the Dutch second Chamber attended the HTEC Opening: “In The Netherlands we think of ourselves as sales people, as traders. However Holland became a trading powerhouse in the 17th century because we had invented the wind powered sawmill, which allowed us to cut wood faster and thus build more boats faster. It was human ingenuity and technological leaps that gave us an advantage over our trading opponents. Today once again, we need human ingenuity to make things that people want to buy.”

HTEC Coordinator Simon Vanmaekelbergh confirmed that: “The foundation of the economic success of The Netherlands is made in schools like this. More than any other factor, a well-skilled workforce determines the economic success of a company, region or country. And well-skilled craftspeople is what this school is known for. Haas is proud to collaborate with this school and proud to be this school’s brand of choice for CNC machines.