The European HTEC Network

The Partnership Concept
for Inspiring CNC Education


An Education for Tomorrow’s Manufacturing

Haas Technical Education Centres (HTECs) establish a new standard for advanced, industry-relevant CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing training across Europe.

We depend on manufacturing to improve and enhance our quality of life. From the precision machining of components for medical devices to building energy-efficient power, transport and communication infrastructures, engineering and manufacturing technology allow modern society to function.

It’s no exaggeration to say that manufacturing technology forms the foundation for all the material needs of society today.

That is why the EU has identified manufacturing as a flagship industry in its framework for growth in productivity and jobs. At the same time, firms are desperately looking for creative engineers and CNC manufacturing technologists. According to official reports, over the past 5 years technicians, engineers, production operators and machinists were among the world’s top 10 most sought-after workers.

Yet, despite this growth in job opportunities, and with high unemployment, the number of young people choosing manufacturing as a career is declining. This is bad for society, where a shortage in certain manufacturing skills threatens economic growth and prosperity.

Excellence in Manufacturing Education

We have to counter the critical shortage of CNC technologists. Increased interaction and long term working relationships between technical schools, Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) and its partners will provide unparalleled, ‘hi-tech’ CNC manufacturing training resources for the community.

A school that offers modern expertise, ‘state-of-art’ CNC technology and top-class practical technical education will inspire and motivate many more young people to study CNC manufacturing and to acquire exciting, rewarding and crucial jobs in the industry.

The HTEC concept is a unique industry initiative that enables technical schools to teach advanced manufacturing technologies and provide local employers with highly trained and capable employees, fully prepared for careers in the 21st century hi-tech manufacturing industries.

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